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A collection of tips and tricks we’ve learned during our paranormal investigations.  Feel free to add your own in the comments section and we’ll post those that rock!

Cell Phones

Turn off your cell phones during the investigation!  Incoming calls, text messages, even your iPhone checking your email can cause false positives on your meters.  Try it yourself:  hold your phone under a KII and have someone send a text message — it’ll light up like a Christmas tree.

Narrate & Don’t Whisper

Try to talk in a normal voice otherwise you might be hearing your own whispers when you listen to your voice recorders.  And it’s helpful to briefly narrate what you are doing so the tape has a record, i.e. “we’re walking up the stairwell to the fifth floor.”  Also note any noises you make so they aren’t misconstrued as paranormal when the recording is reviewed, such as your stomach growling or someone coughing.


Avoid using standard white flashlights as these destroy your night vision.  Instead, look for a red filter such as those that fit on Mini-Mag lights, or even just tape red cellophane or “gel” across the front.  Try to keep the light aimed away from your other team members at all times so you don’t accidentally blind them and miss something paranormal.

IR Lights

For your night vision camcorder, you are probably going to need to buy a more powerful infrared light source.  The two most popular models are made by Sony and Sima.  The Sony model uses batteries and is a center-heavy spot.  The Sima model is a wide area flood but is normally only rechargeable.  However, it is possible to convert the Sima to battery power and we provide instructions here.

Take Your Time

Most of the time, ghost hunting is a boring activity.  You need to take time and settle into an area and wait for something to happen.  You’ll learn what noises are just the building shifting or cooling.  Your eyes will adjust to the often dark conditions.  And your instrumental readings should settle into a base line.  Then when something does happens — a set of knocks, a hit on the KII, a temperature drop — you’ll be in a better position to determine if it could be paranormal.

Communication via Knocks

All buildings have unexplained noises and it is easy to jump to the conclusion that a nearby knock is an entity communicating.  We suggest that the knocks you hear be taken with a grain of salt.  Ask for a set of three knocks in response or ask the spirit to complete the “Shave and a Haircut, Two Bits” beat.  This way you will know that something is trying to communicate, rather than speculating on the cause of random noises.


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  1. Is this stuff real?, I’ve heard a lot about this stuff and it doesn’t sound to believable.

  2. How you guys gain access to these buildings? I s there a fee from landlords?
    Thank you

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