As there are many thorough how-to books written on the subject of paranormal investigations, we don’t plan to tell you what to do. You’ve probably already learned a lot from watching the reality shows and going on your own investigations. However, we thought we might provide our readers with a basic idea of some of what we’ve learned over the past few years.

Things to Bring on an Investigation

  • Flashlight – try a red lens to not lose your night vision
  • Audio recorder – either a pocket model or larger (such as a Zoom h4n)
  • Night vision video camera if you have one + extra tapes or SD cards
  • Digital still camera
  • EMF meter(s) – KII, Mel, Lutron, etc.
  • Thermometer – non-contact can be useful
  • Various other devices such as:
    • Thermal imaging device (very pricey!)
    • Motion sensors with alarms
    • Laser grid pointer to detect motion through its many beams
    • Ghost “voice” box that “speaks”
    • DVR security system if you will have power available
  • Backpack or bag to carry everything
  • Spare batteries as they tend to drain w/ activity
  • Perhaps water & a jacket for warmth as you should be sitting a lot
  • Cell phone for emergencies (keep turned off)

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