LAGP at ComicCon (in spirit)

All you super fans headed to San Diego Comic Con next week need to look out for people wearing LAGP t-shirts. While Carol, Sam and I aren’t going to be there this year (hopefully we can attend in 2011…) we have a group of supporters headed down there to represent. If you see one of them, stop and ask for one of our cool stickers, which they’ll be handing out [...]

The Boy on the Jungle Gym

A friend recently emailed me about a paranormal encounter she’d had. She has never been the type to be spooked, but something so unexplainable happened to her that she thought the LAGP should check it out. From her email: I’ve been dating this guy for a few weeks, and apparently he decided he needed to step up his game. We went out for dinner and had some wine, then he [...]