Oct 262011

Submitted by David Mitchell from Vallejo, California. My girlfriend and I recently decided to start our own paranormal group. (not much of a “group”, it is just the two of us, but we will grow). The idea came shortly after buying a voice recorder, we did an EVP session in her back yard, where a light was turning itself on and off. The session was only about 30 seconds long [...]

Oct 152011
The Magic Castle

On August 25th, the LAGP team ventured into one of the more exclusive private clubs in Los Angeles, a club dedicated to fostering the ancient art of magic: the world famous Magic Castle. Open to guests of member magicians or those lucky enough to be given a one-night pass, the Magic Castle offers dinner and magic shows in three different theatres – the Palace of Mystery, the Parlour of Prestidigitation [...]

Aug 092011
Queen Mary Ghost

Submitted by Mike Sinohui from Norwalk, California I have been interested in the QM since 2/8/11 when we visited on a whim to take a WWII tour that is when we took a picture of an orb type thing that appear to have a face. Now it may have been a lens flare but it was enough to get us to go back and this time armed with a couple [...]