Mar 102012
Fox News 11 Feature

Aired March 9, 2012

Uverse Buzz: The Magic Castle

Here are all excerpts from all three parts of the Uverse Buzz program that featured the LAGP investigation of the Magic Castle. The original show gave a sneak peak into the very exclusive club for magicians as well as a behind the scenes look at the second season of The Walking Dead. PART 1: Famed magician Rob Zabrecky shows Luke an inexplicable trick or two—with the help of the Magic [...]

May 252011
LAGP on Mars!

It’s in 3D so find a pair of red/blue glasses!

LAGP at ComicCon (in spirit)

All you super fans headed to San Diego Comic Con next week need to look out for people wearing LAGP t-shirts. While Carol, Sam and I aren’t going to be there this year (hopefully we can attend in 2011…) we have a group of supporters headed down there to represent. If you see one of them, stop and ask for one of our cool stickers, which they’ll be handing out [...]

Jun 212010
LAGP Stickers!

We just had some cool vinyl stickers created with our logos. We’d love for our fans and followers to help to spread the word about the LAGP…so we’re giving them away for free, until we can’t afford it! Just fill out the form below and make certain to include a good mailing address. We can’t promise it but we’ll try to send out one of each design for the first [...]

Jun 092010
LAGP Reality Show

After several months of keeping a very big secret, I am excited to announce that the LAGP team is going to be the subject of a new reality show!  I can’t divulge too many details except to say that we intend to put a new spin on the tired paranormal investigation concept.  This all came about last year when we met producer and paranormal enthusiast Susan Bell on our Queen [...]

Jul 012009

Just a quick note to let everyone know that we’re moving our previous site to a new host and switching to WordPress.  Because of this, we’re having to re-import past posts one by one and re-link media.  Please bear with us as we get everything back online (especially our past investigations) in our spare time. Thanks for your patience!