Your Ghost Stories & Paranormal Experiences

Queen Mary 1st Class Swimming Pool

Submitted by Andrew Trotta from Altadena, Ca. So this is an old pic from 05. My wife and I were taking the ghost tour and as we were leaving the pool I decided to take one last pic as I was the last one in the room. Here is what I caught remember, I was the last one to leave the room. The first pic is the zoom the second [...]

Oct 262011

Submitted by David Mitchell from Vallejo, California. My girlfriend and I recently decided to start our own paranormal group. (not much of a “group”, it is just the two of us, but we will grow). The idea came shortly after buying a voice recorder, we did an EVP session in her back yard, where a light was turning itself on and off. The session was only about 30 seconds long [...]

Child's Ghost Photo - never before published

Submitted by D from Los Angeles. I received this picture from a close friend who is a Los Angeles hospital employee. I don’t want to say which hospital because I don’t want to get her in trouble. Last year she emailed me this photo. She said the photo was being passed around the staff of the hospital. The story behind it is that the hospital cleaning crew had been experiencing [...]

Submitted by Francisco Carson from Los Angeles/San Fernando Valley. My mom has always been big on garage sales, she’s given me everything from wall-size hand painted pictures to cool cufflinks to assorted odd art objects she thought I would like over the years (don’t laugh, she picked up a real women’s Rolex watch for my sister from someone who didn’t know what they were giving away). I believe some things [...]

Crazy Train of Death

Submitted by Kristian J. Hanson from Gilbert, Arizona. Sitting in my parents house, I would have never expected to hear what I did, on two occasions none the less. Read below for the true life ghost story. Sitting in the loft of my parents house at around two in the morning, I was doing what I was usually doing that time of night since I worked nights for the Air [...]

Sep 202011

Submitted by Erin from Pasadena, Ca. When I was an infant my mother was sitting in a rocking chair holding me. She was thinking of all the relatives that didn’t live to see her gave children. She thought, “Send me a sign that you are here.” And at that exact moment a rosary fell off the wall where it had been securely hanging. Also, I have a ghost in my [...]

Aug 192011

Submitted by Lilly from Denver,CO. It started Halloween night almost 2 years ago, A witch cast a curse on my property and opened 2 portals manifesting devils demons and evil spirits, had the property blessed 5 times got evp’s of them saying they werent going anywhere and where was my God now? Finally found a webpage stating that St. Benedict medals that are blessed and excorcised by a priest will [...]