Photo Evidence

Queen Mary 1st Class Swimming Pool

Submitted by Andrew Trotta from Altadena, Ca. So this is an old pic from 05. My wife and I were taking the ghost tour and as we were leaving the pool I decided to take one last pic as I was the last one in the room. Here is what I caught remember, I was the last one to leave the room. The first pic is the zoom the second [...]

Child's Ghost Photo - never before published

Submitted by D from Los Angeles. I received this picture from a close friend who is a Los Angeles hospital employee. I don’t want to say which hospital because I don’t want to get her in trouble. Last year she emailed me this photo. She said the photo was being passed around the staff of the hospital. The story behind it is that the hospital cleaning crew had been experiencing [...]

Aug 092011
Queen Mary Ghost

Submitted by Mike Sinohui from Norwalk, California I have been interested in the QM since 2/8/11 when we visited on a whim to take a WWII tour that is when we took a picture of an orb type thing that appear to have a face. Now it may have been a lens flare but it was enough to get us to go back and this time armed with a couple [...]