Personal Experience

Aug 262013

Submitted by Hayden B from Los Angeles. On Wednesday, Aug 21, 2013, I was at the Hollywood/Vine subway. It was 9:30 in the morning – and I had just disembarked. There are 3 places to get/refill Tap cards and I needed to add money to mine. No one was standing by them – so I took the center one. Each of them comes with a small mirror – like ATM’s [...]

Apr 272012

Submitted by TT from Wenonah NJ. Around 8 years ago me and a couple of friends use to go to a lot of different places. This night we just went to the local cemetery. This is a big cemetery, and we just stared to walk around and snap pictures to see if anything out of the ordinary came up. We saw a few, what we thought were orbs in the [...]

Feb 012012
Haunted Holy Cross

Submitted by Scott Spencer from Killeen, TX. On January 28, I went out to Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery in Culver City to take some pics of some celebrity graves. I got pictures of the graves of Sharon Tate, Bing Crosby, Bela Lugosi, Rita Hayworth, Rosalind Russell and wanted to get pictures of several others. As I was searching (in vain) for the grave of Mr. Jimmy Durante, I happened to look to my left and [...]

Submitted by Francisco Carson from Los Angeles/San Fernando Valley. My mom has always been big on garage sales, she’s given me everything from wall-size hand painted pictures to cool cufflinks to assorted odd art objects she thought I would like over the years (don’t laugh, she picked up a real women’s Rolex watch for my sister from someone who didn’t know what they were giving away). I believe some things [...]

Sep 202011

Submitted by Erin from Pasadena, Ca. When I was an infant my mother was sitting in a rocking chair holding me. She was thinking of all the relatives that didn’t live to see her gave children. She thought, “Send me a sign that you are here.” And at that exact moment a rosary fell off the wall where it had been securely hanging. Also, I have a ghost in my [...]