Propaganda Films Building

In mid-March, we were fortunate to be able to investigate the historic former Propaganda Films building in Hollywood. Movie buffs will recognize Propaganda as the early home of music video & commercial directors turned major filmmakers David Fincher, Michael Bay and Spike Jonze, among others. Today the building is used by a production company as a workshop and studio. Carol did some research into the building and discovered that the [...]

Pasadena’s Suicide Bridge

After a crazy week at work, what better way to lift our collective spirits than to head over to Pasadena to investigate the infamous Colorado Street Bridge, which is locally known as Suicide Bridge due to the hundred or so people who have jumped from it to their deaths below. It was a chilly night and Carol had brought along some hot tea.  Also joining us was our friend Lenora, [...]

Security Bank Building

The Security Bank Building stands at the corner of Spring & 5th in downtown Los Angeles.  Built in 1906, it was the tallest building in LA until 1911.  In the late 1950s or early 60s, the financial district moved from the area, the bank closed and the building fell into disrepair.  Designated a Historic Cultural Landmark in 2003, the building has since been renovated and now houses upscale lofts.  However, [...]

Haunted Forest / Cobb Estate

The first week of November 2010, Tyler, Carol and I drove up to Altadena for an investigation of the old Cobb Estate, or what is locally referred to as the Haunted Forest.  It sits on 107 acres at the top of Lake Avenue in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains.  Because it is part of the Angeles National Forest, the estate is open 24/7, and it hosts numerous night [...]

Sima IR Light Conversion

Having just had a conversation about IR lights with someone from another investigative team, I realized I should call attention to our “how-to” instructions detailing the conversion of a Sima infrared light to battery power. The Sima IR lights throw a wide beam of light compared to the comparable Sony IR model which is spot heavy and leaves you with video where the edges go to black. The greatest drawback [...]

LAGP at ComicCon (in spirit)

All you super fans headed to San Diego Comic Con next week need to look out for people wearing LAGP t-shirts. While Carol, Sam and I aren’t going to be there this year (hopefully we can attend in 2011…) we have a group of supporters headed down there to represent. If you see one of them, stop and ask for one of our cool stickers, which they’ll be handing out [...]

Jun 212010
LAGP Stickers!

We just had some cool vinyl stickers created with our logos. We’d love for our fans and followers to help to spread the word about the LAGP…so we’re giving them away for free, until we can’t afford it! Just fill out the form below and make certain to include a good mailing address. We can’t promise it but we’ll try to send out one of each design for the first [...]