Submitted by Sean S. from SAN DIEGO.

My best friend Freddy, one night we freddy his girlfriend Anngie my girlfriend Bridigete whom came from religious family and the other 2 roommates in the house we all were up hanging out late n decided all to go to bed. Everyone in the house was sound asleep in our bedrooms all a sudden my girlfriend awoke screaming from a dead sleep oh my god he’s burning he’s burning note everyone is sleeping i freaked out jumped put of bed and turned on the light shaking her to see what was going on. AFTER calming down talking for a while we proceeded to go back to bed..The next day Freddy went to pick up his car from the tow yard a brand new convertible BMW he owned his mother was following him as he past her on the freeway at a fair rate of speeed out of sight his mother came home but no freddy . We all went to meet at freddys house waiting for him from his house about 3 mies away we saw smoke on the freeway on the hill. It was FREDDY HE WAS RUN OF THE FREEWAY N HIS CAR FLEW 400 FT INTO AN CONCRETE DRAIN FOR RUNOFF WATER FROM STORMS. My best friend was dead burned into his seats as my girlfriend saw the night before. I was devastated best friend from 4 years of age we did everything together..the night he died i spent the night a my girlfriends house with her mom very religious person n house. i was sound asleep there in bed when at 2 am i was awaken by a spotlighting my face with a white statue on mother Mary bending leaning over me the room was bright my girlfriend was asleep i sat up in the light turned into a perfect bubble so bright (orb) it was Freddy i know it i feel he came to say good bye n he was alright the ball was an 1 ” FROM MY FACE WENT AROUND THE ROOM N DISAPEARED INTO THE CORNER THATS WHEN I YELLED TO HER MOM N WOKE BRIDGET THIS WAS 1000% REAL TO THIS DAY MY HAIR STANDS UP TELLING THIS STORY I LOVED FREDDY N HE IS MISSED VERY MUCH SEE YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE FREDDY LOVE YOU BEST FRIEND SEAN S.


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  1. thats crazy

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