Aug 262013

Submitted by Hayden B from Los Angeles.

On Wednesday, Aug 21, 2013, I was at the Hollywood/Vine subway. It was 9:30 in the morning – and I had just disembarked. There are 3 places to get/refill Tap cards and I needed to add money to mine. No one was standing by them – so I took the center one. Each of them comes with a small mirror – like ATM’s do – so you can see what’s going on behind you, albeit in a limited capacity.

After a moment, the mirror shows a man walk up behind me. He stands there, waiting. He’s wearing a large-rimmed baseball cap; a white t-shirt that possibly had a design on it, and a bag strapped over his shoulder. He was either white or Hispanic – the mirror wasn’t that clear. I begin wondering why he’s not using either of the free machines either side of me. After a few moments, he moves to the right of me – I don’t turn to look at him directly but I register him in my periphery. So good. He’s figured it out. He doesn’t need to wait for mine.

A few seconds later, he stands behind me again. At this point, I’m more than a little suspicious; there’s two perfectly fine terminals either side of me, both of them working. No one else is at either one. So why is he standing behind me? I make sure my wallet is in my jeans. I’m at the end of my transaction and I’m asked if I want a receipt. I push “yes” and take my eyes off the mirror for less than a second to grab it.

I look back up.

And he’s vanished.

I whirl around and he’s NOWHERE. There are a handful of people walking thru the area – but none of them are him. The turnstiles are close to where I am but – as I later checked – there was no way he could have gotten to and through them in the less than 2 seconds I had my eyes off the mirror. The only other way out was a large hallway and he wasn’t in it. I was so astonished, I even looked around for him. Nothing. Nowhere.

Any ideas what I saw?


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