Jun 032012

Submitted by Josh Houseman from PA.

Well I’ve seen a shadow like figure . I saw his figure running with a white shadow behind him, and I know it was real cause my cat was chasing it. Another time I went outside yelling COME ON, SHOW YOURSELF IM NOT AFRAID OF YOU! And then 9 of them all around me yelled at me to run. I didn’t and I told no one.


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  1. ive seen a dark figure too one when i was 8 i got up around midnight becuz i was thirsty and i seen a shadow i was terrified and i told no one except u, also everyone was asleep.

  2. I was at my friends house and we were talking about ghost and the my friend said hey I think there
    is ghost in my house so we scouted the house and we went to his sisters room we got on the bed
    my friend told my brother to look behind him there was shadow of a ghost then my brother looked back
    and the same thing and that night when we were all a sleep a ghost of women and was looking at my brother so next day we investigation and we saw he’s ps2 float then fall after that I never when’t up there again but my brother and he’s friend did but and they come down the stair’s (soory for any spelling mistakes)

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