Apr 272012

Submitted by TT from Wenonah NJ.

Around 8 years ago me and a couple of friends use to go to a lot of different places. This night we just went to the local cemetery. This is a big cemetery, and we just stared to walk around and snap pictures to see if anything out of the ordinary came up. We saw a few, what we thought were orbs in the pictures. That didn’t freak us out at all.

We were in the back corner of the cemetery, walking on the road that allowed cars to get to the back of the cemetery and I heard my friend start yelling, and she started to run. I had looked back at where she was running from and I saw something that I had only one explanation for (a Ghost). I saw a man with a yellow muscle shirt, with light colored shorts and a whit hat. I know what you’re thinking. ( OK big deal a man with a muscle shirt and shorts ooo and a hat) the thing is the guy had no legs.

He was moving in the opposite direction we were going in and moving like someone that would be jogging. I stood there watching this guy until he ran to the end of the road and disappeared. That night was the last night my friend went with us to different places. I have went back a few time myself to see I he came back or not, but I didn’t have any luck.


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