Submitted by Andrew Trotta from Altadena, Ca.


So this is an old pic from 05. My wife and I were taking the ghost tour and as we were leaving the pool I decided to take one last pic as I was the last one in the room. Here is what I caught remember, I was the last one to leave the room. The first pic is the zoom the second is the original shot.

QM 13


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  1. Hi, im.nancy i am 21 years old this is a good picture ….the lady in the swim sout must be sarah. My dad has been working there for many years….when i was 8 i remember going to the firdt class deck i was curios so i peek thru the first class pool door …and i saw a little firl with curls in a pretty white dress.. Very pretty girl i saw her pass by the door i was jumpy becouse i thought sshe would see me..i decided to leave…then i heard some one humming twinkle twinkle little star and i went back, i peeked again .becouse it was obvious that the humming came from the swiming pool door..i peeked and she looked at me …she saw me peek she said…come swim.. I ran to my dady i remember i said dad can i go play he said were i said in the pool…theres a girl there i want to play he said nancy therers no pool here and i said yes and i saw a girl please let me go …he said we need to go home…when we got to our house he told me i dint tell you there becouse i dint want you ro be scared there ia a pool there princess but therers no water in there thats why its closed …if therers no water thers no girl …no one is aloud to go in there specially little girls. Bwsides tje pool if it had water it would be to deep for you….are you sure u saw some one there….and i said yes…he said well i have to tell you that my boss warned me about this but i dint knew tgat instead of me you would see her…shes no little girl…at least she was very long ago i dont want you to go there eny more when we go back …..when i was 13 then i understood why ..i wasnt the only one to see her…i understood everything…i meet that day a little girl named once jackie a litttle girl that drowned when she was my age…i feel bad now becouse ive been in a tour and herd the same voice i heard when i was little but this time she said (mommy?) In vedeos ive seen on internet ive herd her say the same thing mommy….or uncle bob….i say some one sets them all free shes not the only one there…they were people once. But i say this i use to not beleave but know i do now…becouse i know what i saw annd heard..she needs help i go once in a wile but now not like i use to ..but in tours….. I say you help her atleast i know shes good or would harm some one shes still a little girl.

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