Submitted by Francisco Carson from Los Angeles/San Fernando Valley.

My mom has always been big on garage sales, she’s given me everything from wall-size hand painted pictures to cool cufflinks to assorted odd art objects she thought I would like over the years (don’t laugh, she picked up a real women’s Rolex watch for my sister from someone who didn’t know what they were giving away). I believe some things can have some type of spiritual force connected to it, I believe what happened to me was a result of bringing some kind of object into the apartment from one of these garage sales. I say this because the strange events that happened to me had a definitive starting point.

This is what happened to me and a roomate when we lived an apartment in the city of Burbank California several years ago.

It started one night while I was laying in bed trying to go to sleep late one night. I started to hear a distinct whistling that seem to come from no specific area, it was a barely audible whistling of what could have been a song, but it didn’t seem to be a song, whatever was doing the whistling I knew it was doing it for me because I was the only one awake to hear it, I wasn’t scared, more curious than anything else. I fell asleep thinking I was imagining it.

Days later roomie was talking to me in the hallway and all of a sudden the T.V. turned on (we stopped in mid-sentence to look at each other with a “What the f**k!” stare), lights would turn on in one room while we were in another and the T.V. turning on by itself happened a few more times. One night I was watching a B-horror movie and the killer turned off the light in a storage shed so he could get at his victim, at exactly at that moment my bathroom light turned on. I was a late sleeper and I would pass our bedroom late at night (I would watch T.V. in the living room so I wouldn’t wake up roomie) to go to the bathroom. I would always hear talking, always in these quiet, inaudible tones, I knew it wasn’t my roommate because I could hear him snoring at the same time I was hearing the voices, we had no telephone outlet in the room and we would keep our cell phones out in the living room so they wouldn’t wake us up.

Then came the crickets.

For a month we were inundated by crickets, they were everywhere, on the ceiling, on the walls, in closed cabinets, in our bathroom, even in our pots and pans. We lived on the second floor and we kept the central air conditioning on 24/7 so we would keep the doors and windows closed tight, but somehow the crickets managed to get in. All of a sudden the crickets just disappeared, it was in that one month and nothing like that ever happened before or after.

Up until that time I never was afraid because everything was non-threatening, but that would change. We were missing a knife from our wooden knife holder for about a week. One night roomie and I were arguing, about something stupid looking back, and the next thing we notice was the knife was stabbed in the floor in the middle of the room we were in, it just appeared there out of thin air. Up until that time my roommate was a sceptic (he’s sceptical about everything) because he didn’t believe in the supernatural, that night he admitted something strange was going on.

We started to notice nails in the walls, at ankle level in the kitchen, at shoulder height in the bathroom, in the middle of the wall in the living room, it became a game with us with when the nails would pop up next. The strangest part about the nails were the nails looked like they were already in the walls with the wall paint covering them being chipped off revealing them.

One Saturday morning there was a loud banging in the middle of the wall separating the living room and the bedroom, it sounded like someone was bashing the wall with a hammer, we could actually hear the sound traveling inside the wall and follow it, it stopped after about 3 minutes and we never heard it again.

During all this time we never SAW anything out of the ordinary. At times I did feel a strong presence in the room that at time would scare me to the core, but nothing was ever seen.

I don’t know what to make of what happened to us, I know I threw out alot of the stuff we had in the apartment when we moved out and I believe whatever was the source of the strangeness, I threw out in one of the bags of trash.


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