Submitted by D from Los Angeles.

Original Cellphone photo of hospital child apparition

I received this picture from a close friend who is a Los Angeles hospital employee. I don’t want to say which hospital because I don’t want to get her in trouble. Last year she emailed me this photo. She said the photo was being passed around the staff of the hospital.

The story behind it is that the hospital cleaning crew had been experiencing some strange occurrences in the rehabilitation wing of the hospital. The rehab wing is closed and empty at night, so that’s when it is typically cleaned. The disturbances were described as noises of running footsteps and operating rehab equipment coming from the empty rooms. It became so prevalent that the cleaning crew didn’t like going into the rehab wing at night.

One night, one of the cleaning crew staff members heard noise coming from a break room. She went inside and snapped a picture with her cell phone. She didn’t notice anything strange on the photo until she later reexamined it at home.

In the right, mid-section of the photograph, around the right-base of the TV stand, there appears to be a translucent figure of a child. The original photo I received is titled “350″;

I tend to be very skeptical of ghost photos, as most of them seem to be bad photoshop hack-jobs of the girl from “the Ring” superimposed in family photos. I have some experience with photoshop, so I enlarged the photo, turned the pertinent section black and white, and improved the contrast to try to enhance the figure. I was disturbed by the image that resulted. The second photo, “Hospital Ghost Black and White” is the enhanced version.

A little face and body can easily be made out, standing about the height of the table in front of the right side of the TV stand. It appears to me like she is wearing a little dress or hospital gown. Do you have a photo expert that can test the original to see whether it is fake or real?

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Photo Enhancement of hospital child apparition


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