Here are all excerpts from all three parts of the Uverse Buzz program that featured the LAGP investigation of the Magic Castle. The original show gave a sneak peak into the very exclusive club for magicians as well as a behind the scenes look at the second season of The Walking Dead.

PART 1: Famed magician Rob Zabrecky shows Luke an inexplicable trick or two—with the help of the Magic Castle’s…eternal performers.

PART 2: Are Harry Houdini and other legendary magicians still present within the Magic Castle’s walls? Our paranormal team sets up while we learn how the undead come alive on AMC’s The Walking Dead.

PART 3: After more behind the scenes of The Walking Dead, the L.A. Ghost Patrol investigates the Magic Castle and comes to a haunting conclusion.


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  1. Guys, the show turned out great! Happy to have been a small part of it & get to experience some of the hauntings up close. :-)

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