Submitted by Kristian J. Hanson from Gilbert, Arizona.


Sitting in my parents house, I would have never expected to hear what I did, on two occasions none the less. Read below for the true life ghost story.

Sitting in the loft of my parents house at around two in the morning, I was doing what I was usually doing that time of night since I worked nights for the Air Force, playing on the computer. This is the only time I had when my parents or brother were not hogging the computer, so I could sit down and play Alien Vs. Predator for the PC.

On this night there wasn’t anything different or out of the ordinary. I had the same usual feeling of being watched up in the loft at night, but I had gotten used to it and didn’t think anything of it. Also, let me explain this to you really fast before I continue. My parents house is built on a canal and if you walk about a quarter of a mile down the canal, there are train tracks, and a train comes through this area every hour. Until that particular night, I found it as a soothing and relaxing sound.

Sitting at the computer shooting the face huggers trying to jump on my face, I hear the train whistle in the distance. This was a relatively quiet night without any wind, so the sound traveled nicely down the canal and into my house. I believe it was just before spring, so we had the windows open too, so it was particularly loud but not too loud. That is, until what happened next.

Dying in the game, the train began to get louder and louder until it sounded like it was in my living room downstairs. I thought maybe my mom was still awake watching a movie, but I had said goodnight to her already. Also, when I looked over the balcony there wasn’t any light coming from the kitchen and I could hear the train clear as day as if I was standing next to the train tracks myself. Trying to comprehend this, I heard a terrifying noise that I will never forget. It was the sound of a young boy being choked. I could hear the screams and the pleas for help as the child was grasping for breath. I didn’t know what to do since there wasn’t anything I could do, so I just froze standing, and looking over the balcony at where the sound was coming from. I did not see anything that night, and when it happened again a few weeks later, I would have a witness.

About two weeks later I was sitting downstairs watching television with my mom. We would usually go to Blockbuster and rent the newest and greatest horror flicks, and we’d been doing this ever since I was a young boy. On this night, we decided to watch what was on the DVR, and it just so happened to be a ghost show. Over the next few hours we caught up on all the shows we enjoyed. When I looked at my watch I saw it was around the same time, and told my mom the train should be coming any time now. Sitting there I heard the whistle in the distance and asked my mother to mute the television. At first she hesitated, but I again asked and she finally muted the television. Slowly but surely the sound began to build louder and louder until it was in the dining room area.

My moms eyes were wide open as she tried to ask me what that was, as I put my finger to my mouth and told her to be quiet. As if on cue from doing that, the sound of choking began again, but this time it was not a little boy, it was a little girl. My moms eyes got wider as she looked at me until it had passed and the train was out of the area. Smiling at her, I asked her if she was happy I told her to mute the television, and she was in total shock of what she had just heard. Before she could say anything, I informed her that I had heard that same thing a couple weeks ago, but instead of a girl, it was a boy.

My mom not being one to freak out on me, said that was probably the coolest and scariest thing she had experienced in the house and was still in shock at what she had heard. Again, I did not see anything, but I had a witness to this account, and to this day, when I am at my parents house late at night and awake, I wait for the sound of the train of death to run through my living and or dining room. Sweet Nightmares everyone.


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