In mid-April, we decided to go back to Pasadena’s Suicide Bridge and explore the area at its base. In our past investigation, we hadn’t ventured below in the darkness. Now this was just a location scout and as far as an investigation all we did was run our H4n recorder to see if we could capture any random EVPs.

Looking up from the Arroyo Seco

We parked near the base of the bridge in a small lot near the apartments built on the eastern side of Arroyo Blvd. The area here is part of a military complex and has trespassing signs posted. We had heard that there was a way down near the middle of the bridge and set off to find it. A series of switchback trails and crumbling stone staircases eventually led us to the river below.

What we found was unexpected: an entire trail system runs the length of the Arroyo Seco. There were joggers and people walking their dogs, most of whom probably did not know of the bridge’s horrific death count, estimated to be upwards of 150 suicides since 1913. We spoke to a couple of people who echoed this thought as they had no idea the structure above was known as Suicide Bridge.

Wide trail under the lower Parker-Mayberry Bridge, which is closed to traffic today.

There were old stairs cases climbing upwards in banks of the river, which on the north side of the bridge is earthen, not a concrete channel. Ducks swam in the river and a chipmunk-like animal stuck its head out of a burrow to check us out. But this area has also seen hikers finding the bodies of suicides, as recently as last year.

We all felt a cold spot atop one of the staircases. Tyler did a short EVP session and we’ll post if we find anything. Other investigators have told us of getting EVPs during the day and even hearing someone speak directly to them.

Suicide Bridge Staircase

Overlook on the western side of the river.

Sam explored the western bank and lower bridge area, which seems to be a great spot for a future nighttime investigation. There should be many lost souls wandering the area, so in the dark it could be a lot less tranquil than it was during the day. If you want to see more of the area, we put together a short video.


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  1. It’s strange that you should mention the stairway to suicide bridge. A few months ago (March 2011) me and my friends went there to paint some of the landscapes. I was taking pictures completely unaware of the history of the hauntings. Someone mentioned to me that it was known as suicide bridge but I took it for what it was.
    Much later I had heard about the hauntings and was going through my reference photos and found an obvious white mist standing next to my friend in the shadows. It gave me some chills. Its in the exact spot of the stairway photo you have.

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