Having just had a conversation about IR lights with someone from another investigative team, I realized I should call attention to our “how-to” instructions detailing the conversion of a Sima infrared light to battery power.

The Sima IR lights throw a wide beam of light compared to the comparable Sony IR model which is spot heavy and leaves you with video where the edges go to black. The greatest drawback to the Sima light is that the are only re-chargable, thus lasting about 45 minutes before suddenly flashing and running out of juice. That’s really inconvenient in the middle of an investigation. But we personally love the wide illumination pattern of the Sima and I converted all of our lights to run on three AA batteries. Even better, team up a Sony and a Sima and you’ll be covered!

Converted Sima light -- bulky but long-lasting!

Check out the following page for instructions to do this yourself: Sima Light Battery Conversion


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