Jun 092010

After several months of keeping a very big secret, I am excited to announce that the LAGP team is going to be the subject of a new reality show!  I can’t divulge too many details except to say that we intend to put a new spin on the tired paranormal investigation concept.  This all came about last year when we met producer and paranormal enthusiast Susan Bell on our Queen Mary investigation.  Susan is also a producer on the wildly popular animated show “Robot Chicken” as well as having directed and produced multiple other projects.  We developed the idea with her help over the past few months and are gearing up to shoot our television pilot later this summer.  Stay tuned for more info!


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  1. Congratulations LAGP! This is exciting news, and we look forward to seeing your new show. WOO-HOO!! From the East Coast, we wish you all the best.


    Maine Ghost Hunters


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